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Learning English

In your opinion, what is the most difficult aspect of learning English? If you say grammar, what about it? If you say, pronunciation, give examples. You can also choose something else, including listening, speaking, reading or writing. Also, what have you done to address this difficulty? Do you have any advice for other students with the same problem?

I like English that's why I am here, to learn and to practice. I 've been studying Enlglish for almost one year and half and I think I've improved a lot in the english language, like writing, reading and speaking. Sometimes the most difficult thing for me is when I'm speaking to another person who only knows how to speak english like Ms. Miller or Shannon. I get nervous with that kind of situation because I feel like they dont understand me very well. :(
Another example is, I get frustrated when I'm trying to pronunciate well and I can't. Like simple questions or when I'm asking for something. Also the subject grammar sometimes is too much information and I don't grasp it very well. One advice from me to everybody will be: PRACTICE SPEAKING, WRITING AND READING AT HOME, WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY AND AT WORK. :)
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