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Pidgin Nest

An Online ESL Community

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This community is for ESL students of the International Language Institute at Texas A&M International University. The moderator is crissymiller.

The purpose of this site is to provide a fun environment for learners to express themselves, get to know their peers, and practice their writing skills.

Each week, two questions will be posted in the community by the moderator. Choose one question about which to write and make a post before the next Friday. There will be six sets of questions in total, but you only have to write a total of five posts before the end of the class. In other words, you may skip one week.

Each post is worth 10 points. You will graded on the content of your post -- not grammar or punctuation. You should, however, check your spelling before you post. Your posts should be one paragraph in length.

The best part of this forum is that you can learn what others thought of what you wrote and tell others what you think of theirs. Before the end of the course, you are are required to make a total of ten comments to the posts of other students. Each comment is worth one point. You may earn up to ten points extra credit by making additional comments.

As always, please be respectful.