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Strange Foods

I think the weirdest food is tamalitos, it is not fancy, but for me is as exotic as any food specially if you add to your plate beans. It makes me wonder if tamalitos would be top of this list. ;)
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I don't know if you meant tamales like the one's that we usually eat when it is winter time. I really like them a lot so it is really weird to see that one person doesn't like them:/
Yes I mean the same one’s that we eat at Christmas, yes I know even me can be weird at times.

Tamales is a food that is known all over the world even in CHINA. But is a pity that you dont like tamales.. mmm they are just delicious. I can not live with out tamales. mm..mm....
tamalitos? like the mexicn stile ones.. i dont agree with you becuase they are so easy to undersant.. it is just meat and flouer or something like that...i dont know the word in english hahaha! but you re wrong!!!!
oh really?