lupitapl (lupitapl) wrote in pidgin_nest,

LeArNiNg EngLiSh!

In your opinion, what is the most difficult aspect of learning English? If you say grammar, what about it? If you say, pronunciation, give examples. You can also choose something else, including listening, speaking, reading or writing. Also, what have you done to address this difficulty? Do you have any advice for other students with the same problem?

Well I think that what is more difficult for me is knowing the writing skills. For example, when I write essays I make a lot of mistakes but know with the writing class I´ve learned a lot of new things that help me prevent the mistakes that I always made. To address this difficulty I´ve been practicing a lot by making a lot of essays and exercises. My advice is that for you to have success in anything you need to always practice until you have great results:)
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